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We are a free, non profit, non commercial organization. Croatia Airlines Virtual is a virtual airline which aims to simulate the flights and operations of a real airline using Flight Simulator software. We support Microsoft FS2002, FS2004 i.e. FS9, FSX and the ever popular growing LM Prepare3D and X-Plane community. Our goal is to ensure the realism as much as possible within the limits of Flight Simulator aspect. This community was created to fill the gap between real world and virtual aviation airlines. Croatia Airlines Virtual operates with a modern Fleet of Airbuses including the A319, A320 and the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400. Croatia Airlines Virtual has a lot of features including a dedicated staff team, active forum community and a Discord for pilots. Pilots have the option to fly on-line (IVAO or VATSIM) or off-line. Our virtual company are officially approved as full member on IVAO Virtual Airlines System. We have an easy to use Acars system which will track all of your flights on our live map.
So if you love flying in and out of Croatia join us!

We would like to thank the Promotion Department of Croatia Airlines Ltd. for permission to use the name and logo of Croatia Airlines and the support that they provide us in this project.

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